CEO / Thought Leader / Strategist

Tamika Jackson

A trailblazer with over two decades of unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the life sciences industry. Through her visionary leadership, we are reshaping the landscape, one streamlined process at a time.

A Leader with Vision

As the CEO and Founder of SSLSS, Tamika has cultivated a distinguished career marked by her visionary approach to navigating the complexities of the life sciences landscape. Her leadership extends across executive oversight of clinical and regulatory operations, where she consistently pioneers strategic initiatives that shape the future of the industry.

Innovative R&D Systems Implementation

Tamika’s influence extends to Research and Development systems implementation. She is the driving force behind aligning people, processes, and technologies across the R&D platform. Her approach, encapsulated in four key pillars—change management, data excellence, process optimization, and system operability—offers a complete solution for organizational success.

Regulatory Expertise: Shaping Industry Standards

As a subject matter expert with 20+ years of experience in regulatory matters and clinical operations, Tamika has been at the forefront of shaping industry standards. From regulatory submissions management to publishing, her expertise spans a vast array of critical processes, including INDs, NDAs, BLAs, and beyond.

TMF Management Expertise

Tamika’s expertise in Trial Master File (TMF) management is unparalleled. She not only serves as a thought leader and speaker at industry conferences but actively shapes the landscape with her insights.

A Visionary Force for Transformative Change

Tamika Jackson is not just a leader; she is a visionary force for transformative change. Her strategic acumen, coupled with hands-on experience, sets her apart as a catalyst for progress. As you navigate through this website, explore the facets of Tamika’s journey and discover how her visionary leadership is shaping the future of life sciences. Welcome to a transformative experience.